Anita Brown Accuses Davido of Inappropriate Behavior Towards Female Cousin

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In a shocking revelation, Anita Brown, who is currently caught in a controversy with Nigerian superstar, Davido, has levelled a new accusation against the artist, alleging inappropriate behavior towards a female family member.

Anita Brown Accuses Davido of Inappropriate Behavior Towards Female Cousin
Davido and Anita Brown

Anita Brown, who has been the topic of several discussions recently for her claims of Davido fathering her child and subsequently pushing for an abortion, took to Twitter to fire fresh allegations against the singer. According to her posts, she claims Davido had inappropriate intentions towards a female cousin.

Anita Brown, known to the public as Davido’s alleged mistress, has been vocal about her grievances with the musician on social media. In her latest tweets, she implies Davido has struggled to control his sexual urges, even allegedly towards family members.

In a series of vitriolic tweets, she said, “Davido, you are nothing short of a devil. You almost crossed the line with your own female cousin, if you haven’t already. It’s a creepy, weird behavior. You can’t even restrain your sexual urges towards family, not to mention any attractive woman you set your eyes on. You are the devil, and you should feel disgust at your own actions. It’s repulsive.”


As of yet, Davido has not publicly responded to these latest accusations. The ongoing saga between the two continues to attract attention on social media, with fans and critics alike eagerly waiting for further developments.

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