You Can Now Mute Users During WhatsApp Group Call

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WhatsApp now has the feature of muting people in group calls. This will be useful when people forget to mute themselves and you want to avoid hearing an echo of what they are saying.

You Can Now Mute Users During WhatsApp Group Call

Some conferencing apps may not offer the option to mute the call entirely. This limitation is a necessary component of events involving up to eight participants during video conferences or up to 32 participants during voice-only conferences.

Along with the new muting feature, there is now a new feature that allows you to message specific people during a group phone call. If you want to make a note of something during a meeting or crack a joke and not startle the other people on the call, this allows for it. They’re also adding in an alert for when someone joins the phone call after it has already started.

WhatsApp announced on Friday that you can now choose which contacts can see profile photos, about information, and if you were last active. This could help you keep your profile from professional contacts and from anyone who you don’t want to have access, 24/7. Previously, they hid your last seen status on WhatsApp due to potential privacy implications.

Last year, WhatsApp allowed users to take conversation histories from iPhones and add them to Androids. Now they can take histories from Android and add them to iPhones, as well.


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