Microsoft Edge Gains 50 Million Users After Integrating ChatGPT

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According to the May Browser Market report by Atlas VPN, Microsoft Edge has seen a significant increase in its user base, reaching nearly 300 million users worldwide after integrating ChatGPT. The report revealed that the browser gained an additional 50 million users in just a few months following the implementation.

Microsoft Edge Gains 50 Million Users After Integrating ChatGPT

Despite this growth, Google Chrome and Safari maintained their positions as the top two dominant players in the browser market. Google Chrome continues to lead with an impressive user count of approximately 3.4 billion, attributed to its robust features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with Google services.

Safari, the browser developed by Apple, surpassed 1 billion users last year and has further expanded to over 1.1 billion users in the current year, showcasing significant growth.

Among other browsers, Opera experienced a notable 40% increase in user numbers, rising from 109 million to 152 million users since April 2022.

Firefox currently boasts around 150 million users, while Samsung Internet browser has amassed a user base of nearly 135 million individuals.

The browser market remains competitive, with each player striving to offer unique features, improved user experiences, and enhanced security measures to attract and retain users. The integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Edge appears to have contributed to the browser’s growing popularity, signaling the increasing importance of innovative technologies in shaping the market dynamics.

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