Yoruba Actress Iya Gbonkan Granted Heartfelt Wish As Fan Gifts Her Car

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Iya Gbonkan, the veteran actress in the Yoruba film industry, has been presented with a brand new car by a devoted fan, fulfilling her public plea for assistance within a remarkably short period of time.

Yoruba Actress Iya Gbonkan Granted Heartfelt Wish As Fan Gifts Her Car
Iya Gbonkan

In late May, the movie star openly appealed to her fans for a car. Despite having dedicated decades to her acting career, the 64-year-old actress confessed that she did not possess a vehicle and relied solely on public transportation for her commuting needs.

Iya Gbonkan’s heartfelt request for a car was answered on Thursday when she was surprised with the generous gift. The car was officially handed over to the acclaimed actress in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, by Mustapha Jayeola, acting on behalf of Omobolanle Olatise, the CEO of Alexes Promotions.

Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, Iya Gbonkan expressed her deep appreciation to the film promotion company owner for the extraordinary gesture. She also fervently prayed for divine blessings upon Olatise and her entire family, conveying her heartfelt wishes.

“Alexes Promotions, I am sincerely grateful to you. Mrs. Omobolanle Olatise, may your wealth multiply abundantly. At this moment, as you have blessed me, may death never visit your doorstep. You will never regret this benevolent act,” Iya Gbonkan passionately exclaimed.

Prior to this remarkable gift, the talented actress had already received substantial donations amounting to nearly N5 million for a car and a housing project. This remarkable show of support and solidarity from her fans has undoubtedly touched her heart and bolstered her spirits.

Born as Margaret Olayinka, the actress embarked on her artistic journey by undergoing her first training in the performing arts under the guidance of the late movie producer, Duro Ladipo.

Iya Gbonkan’s distinctive physical appearance, particularly her large and expressive eyes, led to her affectionate nickname.

Her illustrious career truly began to flourish in the early 1970s when she made her appearance on the popular television series titled ‘Pa Yemi Elebu’bon’, produced by Ifa Olokun.

Since then, she has graced the screens in notable movies such as ‘Aje Meta’, ‘Jenifa’, ‘Ese Oro’, and many more, establishing herself as a beloved figure in the Yoruba film industry.

Iya Gbonkan’s story serves as a testament to the unwavering support and devotion of her fans, as well as the immense impact that can be made through collective efforts to fulfill the heartfelt desires of cherished artists.

Her newly acquired car stands not only as a symbol of mobility but also as a testament to the power of love and generosity within the entertainment community.

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