AGN Halts ‘Riverine’ Shoots After Fatal Boat Accident

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AGN Halts 'Riverine' Shoots After Fatal Boat Accident  The Film Actors Guild of Nigeria has issued a suspension on all movie productions that require scenes shot in riverine locales or involving boat journeys. This decision comes in the wake of a devastating boat tragedy that resulted in the deaths of Nollywood actor Junior Pope along with three members of the production team.

In response to the accident that led to the loss of Junior Pope and three crew members on the Anam River in Anambra on a Wednesday, the guild has also instituted a “No Shoot Day” across the Nollywood industry on Thursday.

Emeka Rollas, the AGN’s National President, released a statement on Thursday revealing that the accident occurred during the filming of ‘The Other Side of Life,’ a movie produced by Adamma Luke.

“As a result of the heart-wrenching boat accident that led to the demise of Junior Pope and three other crew members on the River Niger’s Cable Point Asaba on April 10th, we are putting an indefinite halt on all film shoots that entail scenes in riverine settings and the use of boats.

“We declare a nationwide halt on filming on Thursday, April 11th, 2024, and the production of ‘The Other Side of Life’ is to be suspended indefinitely.

“Furthermore, until further notice, we are prohibiting any collaboration with Adamma Luke as a producer. Our efforts continue in the search for the remaining individuals.

“May their souls rest in peace,” he stated.

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