Wordle 237: The Answer/Solution For February 11

Wordle 237: The Answer/Solution For February 11

Just we before we dive into the 237 for today, February 11, 2022;

What is Wordle?

Firstly, a little context on the game itself.

is an online brain teaser that lies somewhere between a crossword and a sudoku puzzle.

Anyone who knows the game Mastermind, which employs the use of coloured pegs, will instantly be familiar with the premise of Wordle.

The objective of the game is to guess the secret word in six tries, using a series of hints to figure it out.

If any of your letters are highlighted as green, that means that you’ve got the right letter in the right place.

If any of the letters are highlighted as yellow, that means that those letters are in the word, but they’re currently in the wrong place.

Finally, if any of your letters are highlighted as grey, it means that those letters aren’t included anywhere in the secret word.

You can play on the Power Language website. There is only one puzzle released each day, so you’ll need to check the website again the following day to continue playing along.

Users are sharing how many tries it took for them to crack the puzzle on social media, as, after it’s been solved, the website offers players the option to share their results.

This share option generates an emoji grid that replicates the colour pattern found on your completed puzzle, using the black, yellow and green emoji boxes.

Sharing like this allows players to share their results entirely spoiler-free. Users will also include what edition of Wordle it is and how many guesses they took, for example, “Wordle 187 4/6”.

What is today’s Wordle?

The Wordle for 11 February 2022 is “ULCER”.

What does “ulcer” mean?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “ulcer” as “a break in the skin, or on the surface of an organ inside the body, that does not heal naturally.”

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