Why Timaya Took Back The Car He Gave Empress Njamah


Why Timaya Took Back The Car He Gave Empress Njamah

Dancehall artist, has revealed why he retrieved the car he gave actress, Empress Njamah.

After their split nine years ago, took back the car he gifted the Nollywood actress and this caused mixed reactions on social media.

Since then didn’t utter anything on the issue not until yesterday due an interview with Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze. He said;

“Before we broke up, she wanted me to get her a Murano…I gave her money to get [that] car. Then, a girl bought me a Honda Pilot for my birthday, just a fan. No string attached yet. I didn’t want it, but one of my boys was like, ‘it’s a gift’, and I was like, ‘ok.’”

“[Empress] took the car and was driving it, but she didn’t know it was a give. Then, we broke up,” he continued, adding that the actress didn’t actually buy the car with the money he had previously given her.

Things got murky when the woman who gifted him the Honda Pilot learned that Empress was driving it at the moment. “She said, ‘IF you don’t want to drive the car because you think it’s too low for you, then give me back my car’,” said Timaya.

Watch the video;

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