Why Getting Help In Nollywood Is Difficult – Joseph Momodu

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Fasting rising Nigerian movie star Joseph Momodu has spoken out about the difficulties he faced as an up-and-coming actor.

Why Getting Help In Nollywood Is Difficult - Joseph Momodu
Joseph Momodu

In an interview, the actor revealed how he almost quit the industry due to the lack of support and being typecast in roles.

Joseph Momodu explained that his journey in the industry has been challenging and rough, but he is grateful for God’s grace that kept him going. He disclosed that despite his talent, he found it challenging to get the support he needed from people within the industry.

The actor revealed that he was once sabotaged and given stereotyped roles, which almost made him leave the industry altogether. “Once they see that you are talented, they would want to pull you down,” he said.

Momodu also talked about how Nollywood has a reputation for typecasting actors. He mentioned how he was stereotyped as a lover boy in the industry, which initially limited the range of roles he was offered.

However, he has since been able to demonstrate his acting range and versatility, which has helped him break out of those stereotypes.

“Nollywood-type casts actors. I used to be stereotyped as a lover boy in Nollywood. However, I have played other roles convincingly as well. And that has made producers and directors see the range of what I can offer. I have also acted as both a wicked and gullible husband. I am no longer stereotyped,” he added.

Despite the challenges he faced, Joseph Momodu’s persistence and talent have enabled him to break out of the stereotypes and establish himself as a talented actor in the industry.

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