What To Expect In Apple’s iPhone 13 Ahead Of Fall Release


The iPhone 13 could be coming in September, and we’re expecting an updated look for Apple’s new iPhone.

The latest buzz about the iPhone 13 pertains to its colour options. Leaker Ranzuk on Naver, a Korean blogging platform, says the new iPhone could come in Sunset Gold, a bronzy hue similar to Apple’s earlier rose gold tint.

Early rumours speculated that the iPhone 13 could come in bubble gum pink and matte black.

We’re also expecting to see four new iPhones from Apple — the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The new phones will follow the release of the purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini earlier this year.

From the rumours and leaks published so far, we aren’t expecting a major design change for the iPhone 13 — it’ll likely be pretty similar to the iPhone 12 in terms of models, cameras, size and price. (See more about how the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are expected to stack up.) But there are a few notable changes and upgrades that could make using the iPhone 13 a lot easier. Here’s what we know right now.

What To Expect In Apple's iPhone 13 Ahead Of Fall Release
iPhone 13 series dummy by MKBHD (YouTube)

iPhone 13 sizes

These are the rumoured iPhone 13 sizes:

  • iPhone 13 Mini: 5.4-inch
  • iPhone 13: 6.1-inch
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 6.1-inch
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.7-inch

These sizes are the same as the iPhone 12 but may end up being just slightly thicker (more below).

A smaller notch

Apple has included a notched display on every iPhone since the 2017 iPhone X, as a place for the selfie camera. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in March predicted that the iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch than its predecessors.

The same Lightning port (for most iPhone 13 models)

While the headphone jack is a thing of the past for iPhones, some had predicted that the rise of MagSafe accessories last year meant that the next iPhone would be portless. However, Kuo predicts that all iPhone 13 models will still include a Lightning port — except for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 could also be completely buttonless, but this change is more likely on a subsequent release.

A 120Hz display

In March, Kuo also predicted that the two iPhone 13 Pro models will use LTPO technology in their displays for a 120Hz refresh rate, which we’ve heard in previous rumors as well. The number of hertz a phone screen is able to display refers to its number of frames per second, which determines how fast and smooth the screen feels when you’re scrolling through apps and web pages. It also affects how smooth supported games feel.

Many people were expecting to see the 120Hz refresh rate in the iPhone 12, since some higher-end phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the OnePlus 8 Pro, have this feature. On Twitter, tech analyst and leaker Jon Prosser claimed the decision not to implement 120Hz in the iPhone 12 pro was made due to battery life issues, since 5G drains so much battery on its own. But that will likely be less of a problem in the iPhone 13.

A bigger battery

All four iPhone 13 models will feature larger batteries than their iPhone 12 counterparts, according to Kuo. This would support the 120Hz display.

A thicker width and camera bump

What To Expect In Apple's iPhone 13 Ahead Of Fall Release
iPhone 13 camera bump (Dummy by MKBHD/YouTube)

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models may end up being thicker than their iPhone 12 predecessors, according to a May MacRumors report. Both of the new models are expected to be 7.57mm thick, up from 7.4mm in the iPhone 12 models. But that’s a difference that most people probably won’t notice.

More noticeable could be a change to the camera bump, MacRumors reported: While the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have camera bumps around 1.5mm to 1.7mm, the iPhone 13’s bump will be 2.51mm, and the 13 Pro’s will be 3.56mm. The increased size will prevent the lenses from sticking out as much as they do on the older phones.

A photo from leaker Sonny Dickson on Twitter in late June showed the alleged design of the four models, with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini’s camera bump showing two lenses situated diagonally.

iPhone 13 colours

What To Expect In Apple's iPhone 13 Ahead Of Fall Release
This dummy iPhone 13 lineup shows a redesigned camera module for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini.

We haven’t seen a ton of reliable leaks involving potential iPhone 13 colours. The iPhone 12 comes in six colours: deep blue, minty green, Project Red, white, black and most recently, purple. Apple usually replaces one colour with another in its new models, but we aren’t yet sure what that will be.

Apple could be adding a new colour, called “Sunset Gold” to the iPhone 13 lineup, according to leaker Ranzuk on Naver, a Korean blogging platform. The colour is said to have a “bronze feel” and be slightly less pale than Apple’s rose gold. Renders of the iPhone 13’s new colour were posted to Twitter by @RendersbyIan. There was talk earlier in the year about a pink iPhone 13, and while there’s definitely potential for that colour, this “rumour” was more like wishful thinking.

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