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Whaat! Lady Furious As Bolt Driver Ate Food He’s Asked To Deliver

Bolt driver

A driver has eaten part of the food he’s meant to deliver and the lady who booked the ride is furious about his conduct.

According to the lady who is a food vendor, she had requested a ride to deliver the food to her friend. However, her friend called to complain that the food contained only three pieces of turkey and not four.

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She started by expressing how unbelievable it sounds to her.

“My eye has seen in this Lagos sha! This thing that happened to me today ehn. I Dey always see am as meme, I no wan believe am (sic)”, she wrote.

She went further to narrate how it happened.

“I Dey always hear say rider Dey chop food but I no believe. So this afternoon a client ordered food from me and I sent it through Uber. When my client got the food, he told me the Turkey was 3 instead of 4. And I was like no it’s 4 Turkey ,I will never cheat him. Then Tiwa was like maybe the taxify guy ate the Turkey. Then I called the taxify man that why would you eat the Turkey,this man hung up on me and hissed. Tiwa added him on to ask him why he did that.(sic)”

The Bolt driver confirmed he ate the piece of turkey in a chat and he said he’s willing to pay for it.

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