[VIDEO]: Young Man Rescued From Jumping Into Lagos Lagoon

One of the rescuers could be heard saying, "you're a man, your future is bright"

[VIDEO]: Young Man Rescued From Jumping Into Lagos LagoonA man has been rescued for trying to drown himself on the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge.

Some people were telling the man not to jump into the lagoon.

The female officer on the scene says to the male, “You’re a man. Don’t jump. Your future is bright.”

A bystander was heard to say, ‘hold this man back from jumping into the water!’

The man was handed to the police.

LCC Patrol Officers were able to save a young man from committing suicide by handing him over to the Police.

A man has been rescued by Lekki patrol officers after

See the video below:

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