Unqualified Radiographers Arrested in Kaduna State Medical Crackdown

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Unqualified Radiographers Arrested in Kaduna State Medical Crackdown
Kaduna State’s Unqualified Radiographers Apprehended

The Federal Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN), recently conducted its first-ever surveillance operation in Kaduna State, which led to the apprehension of seven unqualified radiographers operating in the region. The RRBN also took swift action by seizing ultrasound probes from numerous unlicensed centers scattered across Kaduna metropolis and Zaria.

Speaking to journalists in Kaduna, Prof. Mark Okeji, the Chief Executive of the RRBN, disclosed that the inspection and monitoring team, led by Mr. Ebere Onwuegbuchu, made startling discoveries during the maiden surveillance. Innocent Nigerians were being deceived and extorted by unqualified radiographers at various locations, leading to nonclinical significance in diagnosis and, tragically, untimely deaths.

The RRBN’s inspection and monitoring team further revealed that untrained individuals were recklessly deploying ultrasound mechanisms throughout Kaduna State, falsely claiming to have received training from unaccredited institutions both within the country and abroad. These unqualified individuals were even masquerading as laboratory technicians, perpetuating a clear case of abuse in the medical field.

In line with its mandate, the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN) pledged to remain resolute and determined in ensuring that only qualified and registered radiographers are allowed to practice in hospitals, clinics, and relevant health centers where radiant energies are employed for public health. Prof. Mark Okeji stressed the grave consequences of allowing untrained and unlicensed personnel to handle ionizing radiation sources on patients. Such practices could lead to inaccuracies in diagnosis and expose patients to harmful radiation, including increased risks of cancer and genetic mutations.

The RRBN issued a public advisory, urging citizens to verify the credentials of healthcare professionals attending to them and to check the registration and license status of the centers where medical services are rendered. This precautionary measure is vital to safeguarding public health and avoiding potential damages caused by unqualified individuals offering substandard medical care.

Established under Decree No. 42 of 1987, now known as Act Cap R1 Law of the Federation 2004, the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria has a pivotal role in training qualified radiographers, maintaining a register of certified professionals practicing Radiography in Nigeria, and regulating the practice of Radiography in medical facilities where radiant energies are utilized.

As the RRBN continues its efforts to ensure public safety and uphold the highest standards in medical care, the people of Kaduna State are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious medical practices to the relevant authorities. By working together, the menace of unqualified healthcare providers can be combated, and the well-being of citizens protected.

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