Ukraine Labels Russia’s Attack On Int’l Centre For Peacemaking & Security A ‘Terrorist Attack’

Ukraine Labels Russia's Attack On Int'l Centre For Peacemaking & Security A 'Terrorist Attack'

’s minister of defence, Oleksii Reznikov, has called ’s missile strikes on the a “terrorist attack”.

Reznikov added that “foreign instructors” work at the military base.

“This is new terrorist attack on peace and security near the EU-NATO border. Action must be taken to stop this. Close the sky!” he said.

The International Peacekeeping and Security Centre, near Yavoriv, which was hit early on Sunday has long been eyed with suspicion by the Kremlin, with Russian media suggesting in the past it is a secret Nato base in Ukraine.

The reality is that the base had been massively improved in recent times by an international military effort including the US, Canadian, British, Polish and Lithuanian service members who had been helping train the Ukrainian military.

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