UK Lawmaker Kicks Against Ban On Families Of Foreign Students

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In a recent development, Carol Monaghan, a member of the UK parliament, has expressed strong opposition to the country’s new immigration regulations concerning foreign students.

UK Lawmaker Kicks Against Ban On Families Of Foreign Students
Carol Monaghan

The UK had on Tuesday announced that international students would no longer have the privilege of bringing their family members with them, starting from 2024. Furthermore, the UK government also intends to prevent overseas students from transitioning from a student visa to a work visa until they have completed their studies.

During a parliamentary session on Wednesday, Carol Monaghan passionately argued against these new policies, highlighting the substantial contributions made by students and their families to the UK.

Monaghan revealed that in 2022 alone, international students had injected a staggering £40 billion into the nation’s economy. She emphasized that international students enhance UK society by bringing valuable skills that have proven to be indispensable across various key sectors.

“With labor shortages in critical areas such as healthcare, STEM, and IT, among others, it is imperative for the minister to acknowledge that this policy will only exacerbate these challenges,” Monaghan asserted.

“I would like to ask the minister what economic impact assessments have been conducted regarding the implications of this change on the university sector.”

Monaghan further highlighted that many students who choose to study in the UK look beyond their academic pursuits and aspire to have their families be a part of their educational experience.

Denying these students the opportunity to bring their loved ones may lead to a decline in their enrollment, causing significant damage to universities that are already grappling with financial difficulties, Monaghan said.

Meanwhile, universities across the country have joined forces in opposing the new immigration rules. The Universities UK International (UUK), an association representing the interests of universities, has expressed concerns that these regulations could jeopardize the UK’s global reputation as a leading destination for international talent.

“International students make an invaluable contribution to our universities and the UK economy. Building upon the government’s previously stated commitments and aspirations, clearly outlined in the international education strategy, we have witnessed significant growth since 2019,” remarked Jamie Arrowsmith, Director of UUK.

The criticism from Carol Monaghan and the collective disapproval of universities serve as a reminder to the UK government of the vital role played by international students in enriching the academic and cultural landscape of the nation. As discussions on immigration policies continue, the implications of these rules for the future of higher education in the UK remain a subject of intense debate.

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