Two Teenage Sisters Impregnated By Lord’s Chosen Pastor

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The culprit, Pastor Nduka Anyawu
The culprit, Pastor Nduka Anyawu

Two underage sisters have been impregnated by a minister in the Lord’s Chosen Church.

The cleric, Pastor Nduka Anyanwu, has made the sisters, aged 17 and 13, pregnant after allegedly raping them for years under the guise of casting out bad luck from their lives.

An NGO known as Stop the Abuse reveals that Nduka began raping the younger of the sisters when she was 9 years old, and the other when she was 16.

It is also alleged that the girls’ parents were aware and they allowed the pastor to carry because he told them it was the only way he could remove the “spiritual mark” on them that repels good things.

Women protesting against rape
Women protesting against rape

When the culprit was apprehended by a team of advocates from the Stop the Abuse Foundation, the parents of the girls reportedly tried to defend him, opposing his arrest because he is a man of God promised to marry their older daughter.

According to the NGO, the pastor says he wants the older sister to keep the pregnancy as he is ready to marry her, asking that the younger one get rid of hers as what happened between them was a mistake.

Police officers at the Makinde Police Station disclosed that the cleric is presently in their custody.

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