Twitter Nigeria Celebrates #InternationalTwitterMensDay Today, April 9 [DETAILS]

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Twitter Nigeria Celebrates #InternationalTwitterMensDay Today, April 9
Twitter Nigeria Celebrates #InternationalTwitterMensDay Today, April 9 || Twitter

Some Nigerian men on Twitter are celebrating the #InternationalTwitterMensDay.

The celebration came about after some female Twitter users announced a boycott of the platform on April 9 over issues of harassment.

According to some of the fliers circulated on the social media platform, the men will participate in workouts, thread challenges celebrating masculinity, trivia, singing competitions and have special announcements.

It is expected that the female users of the platform will take a break on Friday, so the men have Twitter NG to themselves.

So far, the men have been sharing tips and good-natured jokes among themselves.

Dr Sina tweeted, “In honour of #InternationalTwitterMensDay Every man should endeavour to examine their balls (Testicles) at least once in a month.

Testicular cancer or any disease in the testicles can be detected early with this examination. Notice anything? See a doctor.”

Kelvin Odanz tweeted, “As a man, be very open to helping other men (more than woman I’d say). Men are not used to getting help because the society doesn’t care about men who need help. 

There are millions of organisations/individuals dedicated to helping women. So a help rendered to a man is priceless.”

Brian J Dennis tweeted, “Your masculinity is not a bad thing. It is who you are. Do not apologize for it. However, a woman’s femininity is also who she is. The two can do exist peacefully. Reducing the value of the female gender is patriarchal, not masculine. “Real men do not reduce women. Be a man.”

Twitter Highlights of #InternationalTwitterMensDay

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