Tragic Tale of Revenge: Woman’s Decade-Long Grudge Leads to Fatal Stabbing in Lagos

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Tragic Tale of Revenge: Woman's Decade-Long Grudge Leads to Fatal Stabbing in Lagos
A Lady Stabbed Her Friend To death

On March 26, a tragic incident took place in Lagos, Nigeria that left the community in shock. According to reports, a young woman named Anita Ofili allegedly stabbed her friend, Glory Okon, to death in Ofili’s one-room self-contained apartment at Greenville Estate in the Ajah area of Lagos. The motive for the crime, as revealed by Ofili, was an act of revenge for Okon allegedly stealing her boyfriend ten years ago.

The two women had been close friends for nearly two decades, having attended the same tertiary institution. However, their friendship was strained when Okon reportedly snatched Ofili’s boyfriend, whom she had intended to marry. This led to a falling out, and the two women went their separate ways for ten years. Recently, they reconciled, and Ofili invited Okon to her house, where the fatal incident occurred.

Witnesses report that the incident was discovered when a tenant in the building heard a scream for help coming from Ofili’s apartment at around 1:20 pm. The tenant alerted others in the building, who forced open the door to find Ofili stabbing Okon in the neck with a kitchen knife. Despite being rushed to the General Hospital on Lagos Island, Okon was confirmed dead shortly after arrival due to excessive bleeding.

Ofili was immediately arrested, and during interrogation, she revealed that she had been waiting for ten years to get revenge on Okon. Shockingly, she showed no remorse for her actions and claimed that the victim was her friend. Family members of the suspect expressed their dismay at the incident, with one stating, “I knew Anita was troublesome, but I never knew she could go to this extent. I stopped visiting her over 12 years ago because of her character flaws.”

The police investigation has revealed that tramadol, a drug suspected to have been used to drug the deceased, was found in Ofili’s apartment. The suspect has been transferred to the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department (SCIID) in Yaba for further investigation.

In conclusion, this tragic incident highlights the dangers of holding grudges and seeking revenge. It is important to learn to forgive and move on from past hurts to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future.

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