The Story Of 3 Best Graduating Students Of UNILAG


The Story Of 3 Best Graduating Students Of UNILAG

University of First Choice and Nation’s Pride, UNILAG has once again attained the height of greatness. The University of Lagos has set a record as the first Nigerian University to produce 3 best graduating students with CGPA of 4.97. The three students are Jeffrey Jude, Roy-Layinde Bosun, and Oludare Babawale.

A total of 12,638 students will be awarded their degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Out of these, 53.9% were first degrees or diploma holders while 46.1% are for postgraduate degrees. 245 are in the first class division, 1892 are in the Second Class Upper Division, and 2959 are in the Second Class Lower Division.

Also, 1227 had Third Class, 93 had pass degrees while 400 had degrees or diplomas that were not classified.

UNILAGHAPPEN had an exciting interview with the trio and was able to get some spicy secret about their achievement. Enjoy the interview below.

Jeffrey Jude

The Story Of 3 Best Graduating Students Of UNILAG

21-years old Jeffrey Jude is a student from the Department of Biochemistry. The Edo state indigene gained admission in 2013 to study Biochemistry after writing JAMB twice. Jeffrey Jude started at the top of his class ever since he was a Jambite.” Mr. Jeffrey had a UTME score of 266 and also made the number one spot on the admission list.
According to Jeffrey, he loves reading novels, playing video games, board games, listening to music, watching movies, and sometimes, he jogs. He is a fulltime member of Saint Thomas Moore Catholic Church.

Jeffrey Jude said to focus on achieving his lofty dream, he avoided campus relationship by streamlining his social activities, especially interactions with opposite sex which might distract him.

“I did not have a girlfriend all through my stay on campus because I always thought I might not be too committed to any relationship which may cause a distraction but I love hanging out. “My social life was okay, though comparatively. I only attend parties which fit into my time, If it doesn’t fit in, I make sure that I just stay absent from the occasion. Most times I play video games (Mortal Combat) because it helps me concentrate”.

At the beginning of the journey, Jeffrey never saw himself as the best graduating student.

“Maybe in year one. I mean, the zeal is present in most freshers. But after a while, I just stopped thinking about it. I valued understanding what I was reading and its applications to reading to pass only.”

When asked what was his greatest fear as an undergraduate he said,

“Not getting a bed space. I know the challenges student face in getting bed spaces and squatting”

Mr. Jeffrey said he was able to attain the feat due to hard work, diligence, and motivations.

“My motivation was from my friends, my determination to be the best in whatever course I was taking and my mentor (Mr. Adebola Adams). I just loved biochemistry. My mum was always my number one fan, always there to cheer me up”

Jeffrey also made it clear that his Education will continue (MSc, PhD) and he would like to be one of the best Researchers.

Mr. Jeffrey concluded his interview with UNILAGHAPPEN stating the few tips that helped him achieve his goal.

“The first thing is to know yourself. Everyone is different, so whatever worked for me wouldn’t necessarily work for someone else. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Love for what you’re doing in life can be the greatest motivation you’d ever need and let’s not forget about God. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have come out with my CGPA with him. No, I wouldn’t”.

Babawale Oludare Emmanuel

The Story Of 3 Best Graduating Students Of UNILAG

Mr. Babawale Oludare Emmanuel success story is a touching and inspiring one. 24 years old Babawale Oludare gained admission into the department of Chemistry UNILAG in 2013 after writing Jamb twice.

According to Dare, his parent wanted him to study medicine but he never saw himself comfortable with medicine.

“Well, my parents initially wanted me to study medicine and surgery, while some other folks advised me to go for architecture, mechanical engineering etc. due to the talents I exhibited in mathematics, physics etc. which they observed individually. But really my parents didn’t know I’m hemophobia, till now. So, I couldn’t withstand the sight of blood. During Jamb I guess the celestial beings saw I wasn’t for medicine so I fell short by one or two points mostly. So, on another trial, I picked chemistry as a change of course. I harnessed the opportunity to study computer applications in Don Bosco technical institute, Ondo state and I also attended Yaba college of technology (Chemical Science) for OND”.

Mr. Dare describe is journey in UNILAG as “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

Dare’s success story is a testimony. During his final year (first semester) he was hospitalized and had to undergo a surgery. Dare was diagnosed with Perianal abscess and hypertension. According to the doctor, he had hypertension because he read a lot.

“Perianal abscess. Then I was diagnosed with hypertension- they said it had to with too much reading. My dad had to secretly advise me to get a girlfriend to distract me a little. He was actually joking but he was kind of serious. I really don’t know what was happening to me. I read my note on the hospital bed while my mate attended class. I felt this was beyond science so I had to turn my burdens over to God. I met God during my time in the hospital and he saw me through.”

Dare described himself as the reading type. He reads and never gets tired.

“I don’t read in the library, my room overnight. I spent only 20 minutes in total in all the libraries throughout my stay in Unilag. I feel lazy to stop reading”.

Dare is also a pronounced introvert. His time in school was spent on reading. Dare didn’t reveal his relationship status to UNILAGHAPPEN.

Dare concluded his interview with some few excelling tips.

“Success is about incorporating more of smart work than hard work. Smart work entails you following the laws behind having good results which must be hinged on self-discipline and persistence even if the results aren’t good from the outset.”

“I’d like to thank my H.O.D, Prof Okiei, my course adviser, Dr. Idris Olasupo and all the lecturers in the department of chemistry, my classmates: Jumoke, Mubarak, Chioma, Rollanda, Tosin, Tolu, Ope and most of my friends that stood up for me”

Roy-Layinde Bosun

The Story Of 3 Best Graduating Students Of UNILAG

21 years Old Bosun Roy-Larinde is a student from the Department of Chemical engineering. Bosun gained admission in 2012. Mr. Bosun is a good Christian who loves playing games, reading, meeting bright minds and watching football.

Bosun described his journey in the University of Lagos as an exciting and challenging one.

“A whole lot of distraction in UNILAG but I kept my stand. Sincerely it wasn’t by my power, it was all grace but I was disciplined, focused and determined. The journey was very rough but it all came out great eventually”

Rather than limiting himself to the situation of the country, Bosun’s dream from his first year was to graduate with a first class.

I planned on finishing with a first class but never held the goal desperately. I wasn’t competing with anybody, I didn’t want to carry first in class if I solve a problem I share the solutions if people don’t understand I teach them. I didn’t hold it too tight because I believe your grades are like eggs, you’re actually preventing them from falling but if you hold desperately tight, you’ll break them yourselves.

Roy-Layinde Bosun is an exceptional scholar. Bosun combines entrepreneurship with is academics.

When asked what motivated him to the perfect CGPA he said; Well! Cos I actually knew what I was gunning for, as at my year 3; “My CGPA was way good and the expectation from people was just too much, I didn’t want to let myself down and a whole lot of people believed in me. I put in extra efforts, avoided so many things like parties and the likes. Placed my priorities right and did some unusual things”

Bosun didn’t let his first-class dreams hinder his social life. He partied at his free time and is also in a healthy relationship.

“I attended parties, balled with friends but all these happened when I had the time for it. Engineering takes a whole lot of your time, a whole lot; so, studying engineering would reduce your social game but if you’re social, you’re social. I have a very beautiful girlfriend. We started dating in my 4th year. She is studying law(500L). I was able to balance my relationship with my academics.

Bosun also disclosed that he hates overnight, he spends most of his reading hours in the library.

Bosun concluded the interview with a word of motivation for upcoming scholars.

“You shouldn’t get moved by the lies of social media, fine yahoo boys with Mercedes; those things don’t last. Face your studies and work super hard. My philosophy about God is “He multiplies not adds” if you have zero, he multiples with 5. So, without your personal work, you’ll still end up with God’s favour, even though he has helped you. So, your biggest fan is yourself, don’t look down on anybody no matter what and if you don’t understand anything, don’t be proud. Always ask”

Mrs. Mutiat Bolanle Ibrahim from the Department of Pharmacognosy emerged the overall Best PhD Thesis.

You’ve heard the success story from 3 great heroes, it’s time for you to make a difference. Just like Peak, it’s in you.

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