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The State Of The Nigerian Economy; Redefining Our Values

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Youths in Nigeria

There is no doubt that for a reason, the state at which Nigerian economy be redefined, became a sort of problem to the sophisticated individuals of Nigeria.

It is well known that, national values transcend tribal or religious groupings and are the terms and concept that qualifies who we are as a nation.

The state of Nigerian economy is falling, our values are forgone, civilization grow old and die out, but the youth of today who can shape us for the good are sprouting.

Despite the dictionary definition of value, I simply regard national values as the qualities that define a people. Now, I understand that with modern times come newer ways of thinking, after all, I personally suggested that Nigerians and Nigeria are not, who they, or is really are.

To start with, the culture of a group of people is the pivot on which all relations stand. It would therefore be an understatement to say that any society be it modern or traditional can survive only when all cultural variables are fully developed and harnessed. Since, in reality it is the culture of any society that gives meaning to social living.

Thus, for the fact that mode of production, exchange system, political organization, religious rites, child bearing, and kinship ties and other normative patterns of societies are culturally determined, many societies and Nigeria as a case of study can hardly survive without culture.
Also, the need for development (planning strategy) in a country is an annual recipe to develop a country. The dynamism of the phenomenon of society has not left anybody in doubt. No society is static. That accounts for the way by which development takes place everyday resulting in the growth that is positive, negative or stagnant.

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Development offers individuals and a country the opportunity to achieve long, healthy and creative lives. Adamu (1991) contends that while growth in national income is absolutely, necessary to meet all essential human objectives, what is important is that this grow translates or fails to translate into human development in various economy or sector.

The consequences of this has been falling income, unemployment, plunging wages and deep cuts in social spending. These have a tendency of reversing progress, as Nigeria has been witnessing since 1980´s.
Moreover, the amount at which crime rate increases must be subdued. The relationship between development and crime is a complex web; inequalities to access of good things of life may set in and bring in lot of criminal behaviors.

Rapid socio economy changes often entails dramatic consequences for people´s lifestyles and the crumbling traditional norms and values, but also sharp economic and social inequalities may lead to an increase in crime. Criminal activities in turn, can further worsen the societal imbalances by destroying human lives and encourage drug use.

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Worse still, people feel insecure and vulnerable, as well as deprived of dignity and optimism. Any crime actions should be compiled to the news media report of the various offences committed, but just a few are brought to our notice.

Furthermore, the need for development of education in Nigeria must be looked into. The sociologist may call it the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society but, I simply define education as the guide that enrolls a person in learning a culture, shaping his behavior in the ways of adulthood and guiding himself toward is role in a society. It is however; note worthy that education implies a worthwhile activity and a process that results into both personal advancement and societal development. Thus, it is both intrinsic and instrumental; giving the individual happiness and making the economy progress.

In conclusion, the need for technology advancement must be based on. A nation can be said to be developed when it has a technological base.

The process of transforming a nation from a state of underdevelopment into an industrialized one should be conceived as part of a large and more complex process of nation . It should be a process through which the country should develop her own identity, a philosophy of life and also evolve her own characteristic way of life leading to her economic, cultural and political independence.

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Economically, it would involve the ability of the nation to produce goods and services that are needed for local consumption first and then those demanded in the world market, to trade for the goods and services which the country needs but cannot produce. In this process, the ability to acquire and develop technology for the environment or Nigeria at large is also crucial.

Without this ability, the presence of the abundance of human and natural resources in a nation becomes an uncontrollable asset, while with technology; the absence of natural resources is not surmountable.

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