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The Review: ‘Okafor’s Law’ By Omoni Oboli

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The Review: 'Okafor's Law' By Omoni Oboli

So the ban was finally lifted on the showing of Omoni Oboli‘s new movie, Okafor’s Law and it eventually premiered on Friday, March 31 in cinemas across the nation.

I decided to give it a night-out, hitting the Filmhouse Cinemas at Ventura Mall, Samonda Ibadan. It was a chilly Saturday evening. I sighted more couples than lights. Straight up to the tickets stand, I got my N1,000 pass to see the much talked-about movie. This was running to 8.10pm and the movie was scheduled for 8.30pm.

The Filmhouse rendezvous was almost filled up, that I went like “Oops! Ibadan can turn up for late nights?”. Tra lala, It’s movie time and people were trooping to Screen 2 like they wanna get some freebies. Like ayam understanding the rush ooo.

Finally, few seconds to my settling down, the sound came up and all attention. We getting serious for the business we paid for…

The Cast:

The three badt guys; Blossom Chukwejekwe, Gabriel Afolayan and Ken Erics – The three Chuks, I must say a perfect combo. The roles can not be interpreted better than what these guys have done.

Gabriel Afolayan is kinda new to the setting, I don’t mean new to English movies but with the co-acts. And it’s really cool to see him rub a shine on it. Blossom, the Terminator and King Shagger is a great actor with immense talent. His delivery turned out to be totally awesome and beyond expectation.

Omoni Oboli, Toyin Aimakhu and Ufuoma McDermott: three ladies apart. First being the producer, the second a sensation and the third, the expressionless.

Toyin Aimakhu’s role as an uptight, career lady is so befitting as she interpreted it so meaningfully well. However, we weren’t feeling the really Toyin as she was flowing in that English thing until she bursted out on Chuks Okafor (Blossom) and she had to go local. O mo pe omo Yoruba ni mi sha!. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one waiting for this, as the whole room went rowdy at that particular moment.

Not forgetting how Omoni still looks so dashing at 38.

Veteran, Richard Mofe Damijo’s role cannot be undermined. He played god in the movie and he related it well enough

The Story:

Sincerely, Okafor’s Law will soon become the most Google-searched ’cause before now, I never knew any law of such nature exists. The law (According to Chuks Okafor) states that if you’ve shagged a woman once, you can shag her again #Pam. Lol! Ordinarily, I would have said Nigerians and yeye stuffs. Not until the online thing came up and the guys had to confirm the law on Google. Yee!

After checking the storyline, I think I now understand the reason for the injunction. The truth is; anyone could have worked out a similar story but the originality in this movie is indeed weighty.

Infidelity and Betrayal are two realities that cannot be overemphasised. This story has a twist to knock you off. It’s not some sort of boring-ending movie. I mean, I saw satisfaction on almost everyone’s face after seeing the movie. That implies many thumbs up right?


Except for the overused Lekki bridge, everything seemed perfect in this movie from camerawork to photography. We getting there I think


Okafor’s Law is good to go. Another giant stride from the producer of Wives On Strike, Omoni Oboli. We love the togetherness, merging the indigenous acts with English ones.
It’s a 8/10

Watch the trailer below:


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  1. I love this movie. Wish I could watch it over again. Funny and interesting.

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