Tems Wears Baggy Clothes to Studio to Avoid Distracting Producers

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Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, widely known as Tems, has shared that she deliberately opts for baggy clothes when heading to the studio to prevent distracting producers.

Tems Wears Baggy Clothes to Studio to Avoid Distracting Producers

The talented artist, who has a noticeable physical presence, mentioned that she nearly lost confidence in her looks due to the unwanted attention she received from producers while working on her music.

During a recent episode of the Flow With Korty show, Tems disclosed that her physique had become a hurdle in her career. To counter this, she transitioned from wearing stylish outfits to looser clothing to minimize the focus on her appearance, especially during studio sessions.

She explained: “I used to not always like my body. I just didn’t understand a lot of things. I was going to a lot of studios alone, meeting people I didn’t know and had never met. I’ll message people to ask them to teach me how to produce music for people.”

Tems further elaborated: “So, because of my objective, which is just wanting to make music, if my being attractive is disturbing you and stopping me from achieving my goal, I am going to help you. So, when I go to the studio, I wear baggy clothes and I’m in my alpha mode because I want you to not be seduced by me.”

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