Teenager In The US Suffers Vicious Mauling From Two Pitbulls, Will Never Have Hair Again

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Joslyn Stinchcomb suffering from injuries after being attacked by two Pitbull dogs
Joslyn Stinchcomb suffering from injuries after being attacked by two Pitbull dogs

Joslyn Stinchcomb, a 15-year-old girl in Atlanta, has been rendered hairless for life after being viciously attacked by two Pitbull dogs.

The teen will never have hair again after the life-threatening injuries she sustained from the attacks which saw the canines ripping off most of her scalp and one of her ears.

Joslyn was walking in her neighborhood of Winder in Atlanta a few days ago when the dogs (seemingly released by their owner) began chasing her.

They caught up to her and began mauling her, with one tearing off her scalp and the other digging into her neck.

The two dogs
The two dogs

A local deputy rushed to the scene after getting a witness’ report of the occurrence and found Joslyn lying face down on the curb, with one dog biting her neck and the other’s teeth firmly in her head.

The officer had no choice but to shoot one of the dogs when it approached him as he got out of his car. Wounded, it ran away, followed by the other one.

One of the dogs with the owner's friend
One of the dogs with the owner’s friend

Speaking with WSB-TV2, Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith said: “She was coming around the cul-de-sac and the dogs just attacked. No provocation at all. Gruesome attack. Very tragic for this young lady and her family.

The owner of the dogs, Alexandria Torregrossa (29), has been arrested for reckless conduct.

Josyln’s aunt said of her niece’s injuries:

Those murderous dogs also grabbed her hair hard enough to pull her entire scalp off. She only has a small portion of skin left on her head.

At this moment she does not have any hair left. She will never have her hair again. She is aware that her hair is missing. In addition, they ripped her left ear off. The doctors have reattached the ear, but they are not sure if it is viable. Only time will tell. Nor do they know if she will be able to hear out of that ear.”

Speaking further, she said:

I am so overwhelmed at the outpouring of love, support, and prayers that we are receiving for J and there is so much that we still have not shared publicly. Our beautiful girl is struggling physically and emotionally.”

Joslyn also suffered lacerations to the face that caused nerve damage which may affect her ability to smile and blink in the future. Both dogs have been killed (painlessly) following the attack.

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