Suspected Ritualists Arrested for Abduction and Extortion

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Suspected Ritualists Arrested for Abduction and Extortion
Nigeria Police Arrest Seven Suspects in Lagos

In a significant breakthrough, the Nigeria Police Zone 2 Command Onikan, Lagos, has apprehended a notorious suspected ritualist, Alhaji Afeez Uthman Imoleayo, alongside several accomplices. The suspects were involved in a heinous crime of abduction and extortion, targeting a Nigerian US-based individual identified as Mr. Oluwasegun, his wife, and children. The criminal syndicate managed to extort a staggering sum of One Hundred and Five Million Naira (N105,000,000.00) from their victim by issuing written threats to kill him and his family.

Assistant Inspector-General, Mohammed Ali, made this stunning revelation during a press briefing held at the Zone 2 headquarters in Onikan, Lagos. The arrest of seven suspects in connection with this gruesome crime marks a major success for the law enforcement agency in the fight against organized criminal activities.

According to police reports, Alhaji Afeez Uthman Imoleayo, the suspected mastermind of the syndicate, had meticulously plotted the abduction of Mr. Oluwasegun, his wife, and children. Working in concert with his accomplices, the gang carried out the abduction with sinister intentions.

The terrifying ordeal began when the criminals abducted Mr. Oluwasegun’s entire family and subjected them to a harrowing hostage situation. During their captivity, the suspects relentlessly coerced the victim to part with a colossal sum of money by threatening to inflict harm on him and his loved ones.

Thanks to the diligent efforts and unyielding determination of the Nigeria Police Zone 2 Command, a comprehensive investigation was launched immediately after the complaint was received. The law enforcement team followed a trail of evidence that eventually led them to the hideout of the criminal syndicate.

In a well-coordinated operation, the police managed to apprehend the prime suspect, Alhaji Afeez Uthman Imoleayo, along with six other individuals allegedly involved in the kidnapping and extortion plot.

At the press briefing, Assistant Inspector-General Mohammed Ali commended the relentless efforts of the law enforcement officers involved in the operation. He praised their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of citizens and emphasized the importance of working together to combat such nefarious activities.

The arrested suspects are now in police custody, awaiting further investigation and legal proceedings. The police have assured the public that they will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice for the victim, Mr. Oluwasegun, and his family.

This recent breakthrough highlights the Nigeria Police’s dedication to maintaining law and order, especially in the face of rising criminal activities. The Zone 2 Command has urged citizens to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly.

With the successful apprehension of the alleged ritualist syndicate, the authorities hope to send a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated in Lagos or anywhere else in the country.

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