Subsidy Removal: Lagos Govt Slashes Transport Fare By 50%

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In response to the recent removal of fuel subsidies, the Lagos State Government has taken significant measures to alleviate the hardships faced by its citizens.

Subsidy Removal: Lagos Govt Slashes Transport Fare By 50%
Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced during a press briefing at the Lagos House in Ikeja on Monday that the government has decided to slash the fare for all state-owned transport systems by 50 percent, effective from August 2.

Governor Sanwo-Olu emphasized that these palliative measures were aimed at reducing the burden caused by the fuel subsidy removal on the people of Lagos.

The 50 percent reduction in bus fares will apply to all public transportation controlled by the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), including high-capacity buses operating on various routes within the state. Commuters on these routes will enjoy a 50 percent rebate on their current transport fares.

Moreover, the state government has also engaged in extensive discussions with stakeholders from the informal transportation sector, particularly the yellow buses. As a result, the informal buses have agreed to reduce their charges by 25 percent, further easing the financial strain on commuters who rely on this mode of transport.

In addition to transport fare reductions, the government is taking steps to provide essential support to the most vulnerable in the state. Governor Sanwo-Olu announced that foodstuffs would be distributed to those considered to be the “very vulnerable in our state, the poorest of the poor.”

The distribution will be carried out through the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including civil society groups, Community Development Committees (CDCs), Community Development Associations (CDAs), religious institutions, traditional rulers, and local governments.

The Governor stressed the importance of sourcing the foodstuffs locally to support the community. All purchases for the distribution will be made from local markets, ensuring that the benefits of these interventions directly impact the local economy and communities.

Furthermore, the Lagos State Government has shown commitment to facilitating a smoother commute for its workforce. Additional staff buses have been procured to transport state civil servants to and from their workplaces, making their daily commute more convenient and efficient.

Governor Sanwo-Olu assured the public that the palliative interventions would continue as long as necessary, and the government would closely monitor their effectiveness in alleviating the hardships caused by the fuel subsidy removal.

The measures implemented by the Lagos State Government reflect their dedication to supporting citizens during this challenging period and demonstrate a proactive approach to mitigating the impacts of the fuel subsidy removal on the state’s residents.

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