South Africa Throws Out Israeli Ambassador After Gaza Massacre!

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Stop the massacre

Elbinawi tweets:

This is highly commendable. We all must condemn state-sponsored terrorism by bloodthirsty Israeli savages against defenseless Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

There is no country in Africa that strongly oppose the Western-sponsored Israeli genocide like South Africa. Black South Africans were victims of the White supremacy Apartheid and what the oppressed Palestinians are suffering today is worst than what South African Blacks experienced.

Majority of South Africans Are Christians but they refused to be brainwashed with the fraudulent claims that the genocidal Israeli savages are the “chosen people of God”. These Israeli savages considered Jesus (as) a “bastard” and his Mother a Prostitute but these brainwashed African Christians are still worshipping These Israeli Savages.

God is Just and God will never chose murderous criminals and bloodthirsty terrorists like the Israeli savages as His chosen people.

We must understand that American imperialism is behind the Israeli genocide in occupied Palestine. The Israeli regime is an American aircraft carrier in the Middle East.

Nigeria was among 33 countries that sent delegates to the US embassy opening in Jerusalem. President Buhari is a loyal dog of American imperialism via the Saudi regime. Western countries such as UK, France and Germany refused to sent delegates but Buhari sent delegate to please US President Trump.

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