Skales Responds to Wizkid’s Claim: “Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead”

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Nigerian rapper and singer Skales has responded to Afrobeats star Wizkid’s controversial statement that “hip-hop is dead.”

Skales Responds to Wizkid's Claim: "Hip-Hop Isn't Dead"

Skales argued that the genre is far from dead, suggesting instead that the excitement has simply shifted, and nothing is meant to last forever.

He expressed his views during an interview with Hip TV.

“Everybody has their opinion. Wizkid has his own opinion so that [‘hip-hop is dead’] is his opinion. But for me, my own logic for life is that everything has time and season.

“Everything is going to come and go, and there is going to be another recycle, which means, if you are hot today, you might not be hot tomorrow. Today, if it’s rap that everybody is feeling, tomorrow it will be Afrobeats, and next tomorrow it will be Amapiano, and so on.

“So I won’t say hip-hop is dead. You can’t say something is dead; it’s just not its time anymore. The excitement has moved somewhere else. I’m sure very soon, they will say Afrobeats is dead. It’s just timing.

“Nothing is meant to last forever. That’s why we all die one day.”

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