THE REVIEW: Yemi Alade – Black Magic Album

Yemi Alade Black Magic Album Download

digs deep her spot of the self-acclaimed ‘King Of Queens’ as she pulled out another body of work an LP – ‘

The word ‘Black Magic’ according to Wikipedia is ‘traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes’ but we can actually refix this and say Yemi used supernatural or natural powers (this none of our business) for fire fire sounds purposes!

A pick up from Black Magic lead single ‘Single & Searching’ which was used as the promotional song for the album contains the comedy play as per what you get by putting Falz on your song.

Download Yemi Alade Black Magic Album

Next to ‘You’ , Yemi brought in the Yoruba intro into this one, singing to her love interest stating all she wants is You. This one is worth listening to as it has the kind of chants you enjoy if you’re a true Yemi Alade fan.

Yemi Alade put us on another level with ‘Kpirim’ . A mid-tempo sound that gets you in the action of just sipping your drink and vibe along with it. This one has the touch of a true African music.

‘Mon Lo’ is depicting the very famous Caribbean sound, with different instruments infusing as she voice on the instrumentals. This one is a sure banger and a eye for radio airplay. IamBeat produced a gbedu on this one.

Download Yemi Alade Black Magic Album

Again Yemi showed of her energetics on ‘Bum Bum’ this is one a plus for the ‘pon pon’ sound lover but the production was on another wave Vtek took the strings and everything so well as he tapped in and out the Yemi sings along.

Yes! Yes! You want something frolicking something! ‘Mr Stamina’ is what you should listen to. The creativity was here from level as sings along on the IamBeat produced stuff which is the producer’s second involvement on the LP. Began on a fade in and ended on a fade out.

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and Yemi Alade have this muscle chemistry that have given life to various songs. ‘YabaLeft’ is latest to join the growing list, this sound has the creativity in it. It has a message its passing across to it’s listener and it could even speak to the mind of someone currently under the same trauma.

Yemi Alade Black Magic Album Download

Yemi Alade sings about the importance of womens on ‘Wonder Woman’ as she flourish on a Trap beat with an intro and outro of an unidentified woman lamenting about the poor state of life. But yes! You should be expecting Yemi Alade to give a type of music that’ll ginger your hustle and sing about how far she’s going and giving a diss to her haters ‘Talku Talku’ is passing all stated above across. I love that part she sang:


Change my name to Dangote
If e dey pain you chop kote


‘Heart Robber’ plus track no. 1 were used as the promotional songs for the album that did well and got the airplay they needed across. On Track 11 ‘Bread & Butter’ sings about God blessings over her life. It’s a song that’ll probably shoots its shots among anyone. A pop music lover or even a gospel music lover. A great move by Yemi that could introduce her to any type of music listener.

Yes! Yemi Alade on a highlife something! From the strings, to the loops and back up chants to everything. It’s Lit! Yemi Alade puts up her full dexterity and energy in this and hail! She did so well.

‘Jantolo’ is an additional party sound inclusive in the album featuring Olamide. The featured act was not given the chance to go on to put his own flavor much more on the sound but its all lead to a nice party type of sound. Let put aside the bonus track ‘Knack Am’ (it had done so well already). Yemi Alade wraps up and packed up the whole album with an Echo produced song ‘Stronger’ which communicates the suffering on the Africa land and with sultry lyrics and a frolicking sound, Alade wrapped it all in one of the best ways.

Album Rating: 3.5/5


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