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R. Kelly Prison Attack: Singer Believes The Incident Was Caused By Guards

R. Kelly's lawyers say he told guards that he was at risk but was ignored
R. Kelly’s lawyers say he told guards that he was at risk but was ignored

New details reveal that imprisoned singer voiced concerns over a possible attack by other inmates but he wasn’t taken seriously.

We earlier reported the identity of ’s attacker being made known and now, the singer’s attorneys told TMZ that the ill feelings towards the artist are traceable to some prison guards telling the inmates they were placed on lockdown because of protests for Kelly outside the facility.

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According to Kelly’s legal team, it is unusual for guards to make such announcements and they believe that this caused the other prisoners to become angry with him.

R. Kelly in court/Photo Credit: Getty Images
in court/Photo Credit: Getty Images

It was disclosed that three weeks ago (before the assault on Kelly), the singer heard his attacker and a fellow inmate conversing, saying things that indicated a planned attack on him.

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Kelly expressed his concerns the next day to a prison guard when he was made to ride in the same elevator with the menacing inmate, saying that he didn’t trust him.

R. Kelly in court

A few days later, Kelly reportedly told a doctor from a medical that he wished guards would stop letting everyone know he was the reason for lockdowns because they were getting mad.

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Kelly claims he told at least two guards that he feared for his safety two to three weeks before he was attacked but his concerns were dismissed.

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