Protesting Oyo State Civil Servants Demand Governor’s Attention

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Protesting Oyo State Civil Servants Demand Governor's Attention
Workers’ Rally in Oyo State Demands Palliatives, Governor’s Attention

In an unyielding display of frustration, civil and public servants in Oyo State have vowed to persist with their protest until Governor Seyi Makinde addresses them personally. The protest, organized by the state chapter of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), aims to draw attention to the urgent need for the government to roll out palliatives for both state workers and citizens grappling with economic hardships.

NLC Chairman, Mr. Kayode Martins, addressed journalists during the protest, expressing the determination of the workers to stand their ground. The demonstration, which entered its third day on Wednesday, has seen the main entrance gate to the government secretariat blocked, resulting in a halt of official activities.

The issue at the heart of the protest is the lack of action on a committee set up by the governor eight weeks ago to address subsidy removal palliatives. Unfortunately, the committee has yet to convene a meeting, leaving workers and citizens of Oyo State feeling neglected as their counterparts in other states receive much-needed relief.

Mr. Martins highlighted the severity of the situation and the necessity for urgent action, as he stated, “The cost of living has become unbearable for the people of Oyo State and Nigeria in general.” He listed a number of pressing concerns, including unremitted deductions of staff cooperative loans, car and housing loans, unpaid promotion arrears, and the urgent need for an upward review of pensions and leave bonuses.

The ongoing protest aligns with the directive from the national body of the NLC, and Mr. Martins emphasized that the people of the state are supportive of the workers’ actions. He stressed that the situation in Nigeria has become dire since the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, leading to increased hardships for the citizens.

Mr. Bosun Olabiyi, the Chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in the state, expressed unwavering solidarity with the NLC’s stance. He affirmed that the protest would continue even if it took a month for Governor Makinde to address them, adding that the people on the streets were exhausted and hungry, thus compelling them to make their voices heard.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the governor’s absence during the three-day protest has further intensified the workers’ resolve. With no response from the government, the civil servants have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to their cause, urging the state’s leadership to take swift and decisive action to alleviate the suffering of the people.

As the standoff continues, it remains to be seen how long the protest will persist and if Governor Makinde will finally heed the call to address the pressing concerns raised by the workers. The people of Oyo State have made their voices heard, and they await a response that will bring much-needed relief and hope for a better future.

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