Power Supply; A Major Factor Of Students’ Mass Failure In Exams


Power Distribution Company responsible for supply of electricity within our locality has continued to diminish in their efficiency as people now use their common names like; NEPA and PHCN to discourage Nigerians – Never Expect Light Always And Please Hold Candle At Night. It’s discouraging and these words have made an impact in the electricity board never to bring power, light or whatever you’d like to call it.

Power Supply; A Major Factor Of Students' Mass Failure In Exams

The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) is a major factor to mass failure of students due to the fact that 82.5% of the population of students in Junior and Senior Secondary School find it not encouraging to read at night due to the actual reason that, there is no source of light. Besides, candles and lanterns won’t go a long way as it’s obsolete. No to talk of risking about 72% of the population infected with eye problems ranging from Myopia, Long Sightedness and Astigmatism. That’s bad!

Power Supply; A Major Factor Of Students' Mass Failure In Exams

Nigeria will seem fit sitting on a peg of gun powder if the Power Distribution Company fails to disembark on their old journey towards not bringing light or power always at night and mid-day. As this brings about mass failure of students in various examinations particularly WASSCE (West Africa Examination Council) and JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation board). Period when students are meant to be active are wasted owing to blackouts and incessant power failure.

Students want to read at night because they enjoy it! The silence in the environment makes them concentrate, understand and digest whatever they’ll read. Its good, isn’t it? They are our future leaders, so I am also.

The possible solution to this issue is in the hand of the government and the electricity board.
Have you ever wondered how Nigeria would be run if there was no light or power in Aso Rock? Definitely there’ll always be. So why have there been an impartiality towards the communities particularly commercial areas where there are many business firms and organization.

The government should take a swift action today by making it crucial and imperative for the Electricity Board to make an impact on students and business firms by regulating power supply to some reasonable extent to allow smooth business and excellent performance of students.

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