Portable Celebrates Son’s Birthday With Heartwarming Message

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In a heartwarming display of parental love, Portable, the Nigerian singer known for his controversial music, is celebrating his son’s birthday on March 27, 2023.

Portable Celebrates Son's Birthday With Heartwarming Message  The proud father took to his Instagram page to express his joy and appreciation for his son.

Sharing several adorable photos of his first fruit, Portable expressed his gratitude to God for blessing him with such an incredible child.

He described his son’s birthday as a remarkable day, a momentous occasion that he will always cherish.

In his message to his son, Portable poured out his heart, sending his prayers and blessings to the little boy. He expressed his hope that his son would grow up to be a wise, knowledgeable, and understanding person, blessed with God’s grace and favor.

Portable also shared his dreams and aspirations for his son, hoping that he would become a shining beacon of hope and glory, never faltering or losing his way in life. He signed off his message with the sweetest words a father could say to his son, declaring his undying love and affection.

He wrote: “It’s a joyful day to remember when God gave me one of the best gifts the world couldn’t offer. Ogo Oluwa Zazuu @ogo_anobi_jesu. May your days be long son, grow in God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. May Your glory shine and never fall. My blessing son 001… Daddy loves you more Alubarika Boi”.

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