Police Service Commission Cleans House: Officers Dismissed and Ranks Reduced

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Police Service Commission Cleans House: Officers Dismissed and Ranks Reduced
Restoring Integrity: Police Service Commission Takes Decisive Action Against Officers

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has made significant strides in ensuring accountability within the Nigerian Police Force. In a recent statement released by Ikechukeu Ani, the commission’s spokesperson, it was announced that three senior police officers have been dismissed due to cases of misconduct and abuse of office. Furthermore, a Commissioner of Police (CP) has been demoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police, along with eight other officers who faced similar disciplinary actions.

The decision was made during the continuation of the PSC’s 21st Plenary Meeting, which commenced on Thursday, July 6th, 2023, at the Corporate Headquarters in Jabi, Abuja. This meeting was presided over by Justice Clara Bata Ogunbiyi, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court and Honorary Commissioner representing the Judiciary in the Commission. Justice Ogunbiyi stood in for the Commission’s Chairman, Dr. Solomon Arase, a retired Inspector General of Police, who addressed the members via video conference.

During the Plenary, Dr. Arase expressed his appreciation for the diligent handling of disciplinary matters by the Commission members, affirming his commitment to not impede the career progression of any officer. “This decision aligns with my promise to ensure that no action hinders the professional growth of any member of the force,” stated Dr. Arase.

In addition to the dismissals and demotions, the Commission approved the compulsory retirement of an Assistant Commissioner and mandated the reimbursement of all wrongfully paid entitlements. Notably, the posthumous promotion of late Inspector Ifeanyi Oroke to the next rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) 11 was also granted, recognizing his acts of gallantry. Furthermore, the Commission reinstated Inspector Augustina Oko, who had previously been dismissed, with immediate effect.

The disciplinary measures did not end there. The Commission imposed a punishment of severe reprimand on 16 officers, while 18 others received reprimands. Additionally, two officers were issued letters of warning, emphasizing the seriousness with which the Commission regards any form of misconduct.

The PSC’s commitment to upholding justice and fairness was evident during the meeting. The Commission approved the appeal for adjustment on the date of promotion to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police for ACP Woke Iheanyi Kingsley, complying with a court judgment. Furthermore, CSP Anaele Samuel Onuoha was reinstated following a similar court ruling.

The 21st Plenary Meeting of the Commission will resume on Tuesday, July 11th, 2023, signaling the Commission’s unwavering dedication to ensuring accountability within the Nigerian Police Force. These measures are intended to restore public trust and confidence in law enforcement agencies and to promote a culture of professionalism and integrity among officers.

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