Phyna Drops Bombshell Advice: Ditch Your Man If No Ring in 3 Years!

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Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, famously known as Phyna and renowned for her appearances on reality TV, has shared some candid advice with women. She suggests that they should consider ending relationships that have lasted three years or more if there’s no indication of progression towards marriage.

Phyna Drops Bombshell Advice: Ditch Your Man If No Ring in 3 Years!

She specifically cautioned against staying with partners who don’t demonstrate a clear intention to marry after a dating period of three years.

Highlighting her point, Phyna mentioned that it’s not uncommon for men from Edo to be in relationships for up to a decade without any intention of marrying their partners. She criticized the manipulative use of terms like “our wife” and the symbolic gesture of offering the front seat in their cars as ways to falsely reassure their partners.

She firmly stated, “Anything more than 3 years of dating and the guy is not showing signs of wanting to get married, pack your load and go.”

Responding to her remarks, Princeton acknowledged, albeit reluctantly, “I don’t like you but Im gonna agree with you on that.”

Big psticks expressed disbelief at Phyna’s uncommonly sensible advice, joking, “Phyna spoke sense today? Delete this post and repost again this isn’t phyna.”

Abakealase wryly commented on the situation, noting, “Single people giving relationships advice.”

Finally, premium bby gal brought attention to a regional practice, asking, “Edo men, so this is what y’all do in Edo state.”

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