PDP Will Make Giant Strides In Lagos- Jimi Agbaje

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PDP Will Make Giant Strides In Lagos- Jimi Agbaje

The two-time PDP governorship aspirant, Jimi Agbaje, has promised that Lagos state will be a better place if he is been elected as the Governor of the state in the 2019 elections.

Jimi Agbaje who is currently battling for the PDP governorship ticket in Lagos with Deji Doherty insisted that there is more room for improvement in the state.

In his words, Jimi Agbaje said:

“The process so far is good. We have a much larger delegate population. Though managing a crowd of over 2500 is not easy, I believe our country can do a lot better than we are doing right now and I believe that Lagos State can even be better than it is. A lot of people look at Lagos like it is the best thing in the world, we can be the best in Nigeria but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

“I believe that we can make more giants strides. When you tell the younger ones not to give up, you must practice what you preach. It is not about giving up, it is about service and when we talk about service you give in your best. I believe I will win and I will not be running this race if I don’t believe that but I must also say that I am ready to accept the result of the election.”

In his remarks, Doherty promised to work with Agbaje even if he lost the primary.

He said:

“I remember that when I lost 2015, I worked with him. “PDP is a party of the people, we prefer our delegate system rather that Option A4 of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“Once the process is free and fair, I am one person that will accept the will of the people. I ran 2007, 2011, 2015. I lost in the primaries and worked as the Director General of the campaign organization of the candidate that won, that is my brother, Jimi.”

The primary election of the Lagos PDP is presently ongoing at Yard 158, Oregun.

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