Outrage As Nigerian Artist Gets Death Sentence For Blasphemy

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Protesters (pictured above) called for the young man's prosecution
Protesters (pictured above) called for the young man’s prosecution

A Nigerian singer named Yahaya Aminu Sharif has been sentenced to death by an Islamic court in northern Nigeria for blaspheming against the Prophet Muhammad.

22-year-old Sharif, who is a resident of Kano, circulated the track on WhatsApp, reportedly causing riots throughout the city.

BBC reports that the singer had gone into hiding after sharing the song which praised an Imam from the Tijaniya Muslim brotherhood to the point of elevating him above the Prophet Muhammad.

Protesters burnt down Sharif’s family home and demanded his prosecution, which led to his eventual arrest.

Describing the verdict as fair, the prosecutor, Inspector Aminu Yargoje, said that the death sentence would prevent further in the state.

Guards at the court stopped newsmen from speaking to Sharif after the sentencing, but a court spokesman revealed that he has 30 days to lodge an appeal.

Baba-Jibo Ibrahim, the spokesman for Kano region justice ministry, said:

The court handed down the death sentence as enshrined in Islamic laws based on irrefutable evidence and the convict’s admission of guilt.”

Sharif’s death sentence is causing a Twitter storm as reactions keep being posted. See some of them below:

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