Nigerians Bash Femi Adesina For Calling #RevolutionNow Protests ‘Irritating’

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Femi Adesina slammed for negative remarks on #rRevolutionNow protests
slammed for negative remarks on protests

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, is receiving backlash on Twitter over his comments revolving around the #RevolutionNow protests yesterday.

Speaking on Channels Television Sunrise Daily on Thursday, August 6, 2020, Femi Adesina said that the protests held in different parts of the nation yesterday were mere child’s play and an irritation.

His words:

Well, was it really a protest? By my estimation, it just seemed like a child’s play because protests by their very nature are spontaneous things, mass things. These are just a sprinkle of people trying to be funny. As far as I am concerned, it is nothing to worry about.

A revolution is always a mass thing, not a sprinkle of young boys and girls you saw yesterday in different parts of the country. I think it was just a funny thing to call it a revolution protest.”

When asked if it was right for the presidency to talk down on young Nigerians for protesting, Adesina insisted that the protests were irritating and that he had a right to his own opinion.

In a country of 200 million people and if you see a sprinkle of people saying they are doing a revolution, it’s a child’s play”, he stated.

Protesters humiliated by security operatives in Abuja yesterday
Protesters humiliated by security operatives in Abuja yesterday

Twitter users have posted comments in response to his negative words. See the tweets below.


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  1. Femi, I don’t understand how you address issues of fellow Nigerians.
    Kindly humble yourself and put yourself in people shoes and don’t forget one thing that is constant in life is change.
    Government come and government go, that is only what I can say because we don’t have another country/Nigerians.

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