Nigeria to Receive 18 Attack Helicopters from United States and Turkey

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Nigeria to Receive 18 Attack Helicopters from United States and Turkey
18 Attack Helicopters Enroute from US and Turkey

In a significant move to fortify its aerial capabilities, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has announced plans to augment its fleet with 18 attack helicopters, sourced from both the United States and Turkey. The decision was disclosed by the Chief of Air Staff, Hassan Abubakar, during a comprehensive visit to formations and units falling under the purview of the NAF 115 Special Operations Group in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The visit, taking place on Wednesday, was also marked by a solemn purpose – to extend condolences and support to the families of NAF pilots and crew members who tragically lost their lives in a helicopter crash in Niger on August 14.

The tragedy has cast a somber shadow over the force, with Abubakar expressing the collective grief felt by the NAF. Addressing the media, he conveyed the organization’s resilience in the face of adversity, underlining their commitment to further strengthening their capabilities.

Abubakar stated, “Despite the recent setbacks, we remain resolute. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our MI 171 helicopter, along with the brave pilots and crew. However, we are undeterred as the Federal Government has granted approval for the acquisition of 12 AH1 Zulu Cobra helicopters from the United States and six T129 helicopters from Turkey.”

The planned acquisitions from two major global defense suppliers signify a significant leap forward for the NAF. Abubakar further detailed, “We anticipate that the first two T129 helicopters will be operational by September, ushering in a new era of enhanced operational capabilities for our Air Force.”

The decision to bolster the fleet with advanced attack helicopters not only underscores Nigeria’s commitment to strengthening its national defense but also highlights the collaborative efforts between the nation and its international partners. As the NAF prepares to integrate these new assets, experts and citizens alike await the positive impact this strategic move will bring to the country’s defense capabilities.

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