Nigeria Police Academy Lecturer Petitions PSC Over Document Mutilation

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Nigeria Police Academy Lecturer Petitions PSC Over Document Mutilation
Alleged Document Mutilation: Nigeria Police Academy Lecturer Seeks PSC Intervention

Dr Goddy Igbaekemen, a lecturer at the Nigeria Police Academy in Wudil, Kano State, has lodged a formal complaint with the Police Service Commission (PSC) concerning the alleged mutilation and removal of important documents from his official records. In a petition submitted to the PSC and signed by Mr Thomas Shachia, the lecturer’s legal counsel, the disturbing incident was brought to light.

According to Igbaekemen, the mutilation and removal of the documents were deliberate acts intended to frustrate and deny him the promotion he was duly approved for by the academy back in 2015. He claims that the letter conveying the promotion approval was tampered with, removed from his official record, and hidden by individuals with malicious intent.

The lecturer first became aware of this anomaly after numerous attempts to retrieve the document, including official correspondence with the academy’s registrar. Igbaekemen revealed that his troubles at the academy began with his unlawful dismissal from service in 2016. However, he was eventually reinstated following the intervention of the National Assembly (NASS) Committee on Petitions, which declared his termination illegal.

Despite the NASS resolution in his favor, Igbaekemen alleges that he has been systematically denied promotions ever since. Frustrated by the continued injustice, he stated, “For the avoidance of doubt, I am eminently qualified to be promoted and conferred with the status of a professor.”

Regrettably, the lecturer also disclosed that the academy has neither promoted him nor paid the necessary arrears owed to him up to the present day. In light of these grievances, Igbaekemen appealed to Dr Solomon Arase, the Chairman of the PSC, urging him to direct the Commandant and Management of the Nigeria Police Academy to release his long-overdue promotion letter.

Furthermore, he called upon the chairman to mandate the academy to rectify the situation by promptly assigning him to the rightful position of a professor and disbursing all the entitlements he has accrued. To ensure a thorough investigation into the allegations raised in the petition, Igbaekemen further implored the PSC chairman to instruct the Inspector General of Police to commence an immediate inquiry.

The lecturer’s petition seeks justice for the apparent mistreatment he has endured and highlights the need for accountability within the Nigeria Police Academy. The PSC is expected to examine the claims made by Dr Goddy Igbaekemen and take appropriate action to address the alleged mutilation of documents and the denial of his rightful promotion.

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