Nigeria Immigration Service Links Rising Crime to Illegal Immigrants

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Nigeria Immigration Service Links Rising Crime to Illegal Immigrants
Porous Borders Blamed for Surge in Criminal Activities, Says NIS

In a recent interactive session with journalists during the 60th-anniversary celebration of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), the Kwara State Comptroller of NIS, Aminu Shamsuddin, shed light on the concerning surge of criminal activities across the country, attributing a significant portion of these incidents to illegal immigrants.

The Comptroller pointed out that based on their statistical analysis, a substantial number of criminal activities in Nigeria can be traced back to illegal immigrants who have unlawfully entered the country. This infiltration has posed a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies as the porous nature of Nigeria’s borders with some neighboring countries has made it easier for these individuals to force their way into the country undetected.

Shamsuddin specifically highlighted the issue of illegal immigrants coming from francophone countries surrounding Nigeria. Despite the language barrier, many nationals from these countries are drawn to Nigeria, often viewing it as a haven or paradise. In their quest to become part of the Nigerian society, some are even willing to pay substantial sums of money to obtain a Nigerian passport or marry Nigerians.

“Nigeria is widely seen as the mother of Africa, and this perception attracts people from neighboring francophone countries to seek a better life within our borders,” the Comptroller stated.

To address this pressing concern, the Nigeria Immigration Service has been diligently screening and scrutinizing every immigrant entering the country. NIS officers have undergone comprehensive training to differentiate between genuine Nigerian citizens and illegal immigrants, making it more challenging for those attempting to deceive authorities.

Shamsuddin assured the public that NIS remains committed to improving border security and combating illegal immigration. The agency is also actively working with relevant international partners and neighboring countries to strengthen cooperation and enhance border control measures.

In conclusion, the Nigeria Immigration Service acknowledges the link between rising criminal activities and illegal immigration, with the porous borders being a critical factor. As the nation continues to grapple with this challenge, NIS is determined to tighten security measures, ensuring that only those with legitimate reasons and proper documentation gain access to the country. The cooperation of the public and collaboration with neighboring countries will be essential in effectively addressing this issue and safeguarding the nation’s security.

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