Nigeria Immigration Service Attributes Passport Processing Delays to Identification Discrepancies

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Nigeria Immigration Service Attributes Passport Processing Delays to Identification Discrepancies
Nigeria Immigration Service Explains Passport Delays Stemming from Identification Challenges

In a recent revelation, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has shed light on the underlying cause behind the protracted processing and issuance of international passports to Nigerian applicants. The delay has been attributed to discrepancies in identification information, particularly concerning National Identification Numbers (NINs).

The NIS has pointed out that the disparities in NINs have resulted in a bottleneck in the passport application process, leading to frustrating delays for numerous applicants. This disclosure came from the Controller of the Service in Rivers State, Sunday James, during his address at the 60th-anniversary celebration of the agency in Port Harcourt.

Sunday James articulated the challenges faced by the Nigeria Immigration Service regarding passport processing and issuance. He highlighted how these discrepancies in identification details, especially NINs, have posed significant hurdles, causing inconvenience to Nigerian passport applicants. James emphasized that resolving these discrepancies and streamlining the identification process is crucial to expediting passport services.

Expounding on the matter during the sidelines of the commemorative event, the Controller underscored the remarkable evolution of the NIS from its inception to the present day. He emphasized the agency’s unwavering commitment to adapting and improving its operations to meet the ever-changing demands of passport applicants and international travel requirements.

The Nigeria Immigration Service’s revelation sheds light on a pertinent issue that has been causing frustration and concern among Nigerian passport applicants. As the agency grapples with the challenges posed by identification discrepancies, it remains dedicated to finding effective solutions to streamline the passport processing system and provide more efficient services to the public.

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