New CCTV Footage Shows How Barry Jhay’s Label Owner, Kashy Godson Died

Full investigation account of Barry Jhay involvement in Kashy Godson's alleged murder
Full investigation account of involvement in ’s alleged murder

Nigerian musician, Barry Jhay has been vindicated in murder charges levelled against after CCTV Footage reveals he had no hand in the death of his record label owner, Kashy Godson.

Following a series of investigations conducted by the Ghanaian police, statements obtained from the singer’s legal representative, here is a full account of Kashy Godson’s death and Barry Jhay’s alleged involvement:


The Deceased Babatunde Micheal Abiodun “Kashy” and Oluwakayode Balogun “Barryjhay” are both Nigerians. Mr. Balogun was invited by the deceased from Nigeria to Ghana to record and produce music. Mr Balogun arrived in Ghana on the 5th day of March, 2021, met the deceased and a female friend after which they proceeded to an apartment complex and rented a three bedroom flat.

Mr Balogun and a Ghanaian Music producer were in one of the rented rooms, recording and producing music when the deceased’s female friend who was in one of the bedrooms with the deceased suddenly rushed into the recording room, panicking and reported to Mr. Balogun and his Ghanian counterpart that the Deceased was behaving abnormally. Mr. Balogun on receiving the report came out to see what was happening met the deceased and approached him to ascertain what the matter was and to his utmost surprise, the deceased rather became more violent and attacked him instead.

Realizing his life was in danger, he ran downstairs, contacted security personnel on ground and angrily left the building, while it was reported that the producer and the deceased female friend on sighting the violent behavior exhibited by the deceased locked themselves in the studio where Mr. Balogun and the producer were earlier recording. The deceased continued with the disturbances.

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An eye witness who could not bear the level of the disturbances proceeded to his (Eye Witness) Balcony and pleaded with the deceased to minimize his noise as it was very late at night. It was reported that the Deceased ignored and carried on disturbing. The eye witness could do nothing and left the deceased to his fate and accordingly, the deceased while swinging back and forth lost balance and fell from the 4th Floor of the apartment to the ground floor on a prostrate position and was presumed lifeless.

The police was immediately contacted and upon arriving at the scene, the deceased was found lying in his pool of blood. The body was thereafter conveyed to the Police Hospital and medical officers on ground confirmed him dead. His body was then deposited at the same hospital mortuary for preservation pending identification and autopsy which was subsequently conducted.

Mr. Balogun ” Barryjhay” made himself available to the Ghana Police to report the violence perpetrated against him by the Deceased without prior knowledge of Mr. Babatunde’s death. Upon finding out about Mr. Babatunde’s death, he assisted the Ghana Police by providing every possible information to aid investigations and after discreet/thorough investigations, he was subsequently cleared of any involvement whatsoever in the death of Mr. Babatunde Michael Abiodun “Kashy”.


It is hereby noted that upon the occurrence of the said event, the police questioned the other two occupants (The Deceased’s female friend and the music producer) in the rented apartment including the eye witness. It is worthy to note that the statements/testimonies given by all witnesses corroborated themselves to the following facts;
a. That the deceased acted scary to the Female friend who begged for the intervention of Mr. Balogun “Barryjhay”.
b. That the deceased acted violently towards Mr. Balogun “Barryjhay”, making him run for his life by exiting the building Eleven minutes before his “fall”.
C. That during the violent outburst of Mr. Babatunde, the security had called for backup to help diffuse the situation.
d. That Mr. Balogun did not return to the building personally or in company of any person/persons after exiting, safe for the event where he returned in company of the Ghana Police officers.
e. That the witnesses, particularly the eye witness gave a detailed account of how Mr. Babatunde fell to his death.
f. That the CCTV Footages were clearly time-stamped. ( Find attached to this report the footages of when Mr. Balogun exited the Building and when the fall occurred)
g. That the CCTV footage recorded that Mr. Balogun “Barryjhay” exited the building way before the fall of Mr. Babatunde.

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Subsequently, an autopsy was conducted and it was concluded that the cause of the deceased death was a serious head injury as a result of fall from height.

Also, please note that the CCTV footages were obtained and same was carefully watched/scrutinized by the Deceased Elder brother, the Deceased Family Legal representative, The Ghana Police, Barryjhay and his lawyer.

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It is without any form of doubt that we are conscious of the fact that Mr. Oluwakayode Balogun “Barryjhay” is not culpable of the unfounded allegations made on various social media platforms against his person. It is also noteworthy to state that the deceased and Mr. Balogun were close friends, who had a relationship akin to that of brothers.

The position of Mr. Balogun and his entire team shall X-ray the findings of the Ghana Police and in addition to this, would implore the general public to refrain from further spread of unfounded allegations, rumours and statements out of respect for the Deceased, his family and the person of Mr Balogun, “Barryjhay”.

Kindly note that we are mindful of those platforms and people who took it upon themselves to peddle various defamatory statements and in line with same, it is advised that a retraction of the unfounded allegations/news be carried out within two days of the publication of the referenced press release. Failure to act accordingly shall attract the full weight of the law.

Finally, we would like to state that Mr. Balogun is still mourning the loss of his dear friend and shall call on the general public to respect his privacy at this trying time and channel the energy towards praying for the lost soul.

Watch CCTV videos below:

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