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MTN Launches Free Advertizing Platform To Support Small Businesses

MTN advertising platform for SMEs

To boost the development of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria, MTN has introduced a new LED board in Lekki, to assist businesses to advertise their products for free.

The unveiling of the ‘ManintheBox’ coincided with the formal re-launch of MTN’s Enterprise Business Solutions arm, otherwise known as MTN Business, after days of suspense, speculation and social media chatter.

The Chief Executive Officer, MTN, Rob Shuter, said in recently in Lagos, that ManintheBox is an avenue for to meet with MTN to discuss how the organization can assist in enhancing their businesses.

Shuter said: “I will give you a more conceptual idea of what we are trying to say; if you look at MTN business conception, you will notice we don’t only look at consumers, we also look at the man on the street. We have made a decision that looks at small and large enterprises. This is what we are doing, this is talking to business people to ask; what can we do to help you, how can MTN help in making your business more successful?

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We want to hear from you, we need to understand how we can assist you. We have some products but we really need to hear from you. The first stage is the box, still, outside, we are going to allow small and medium enterprises to go and advertise for free in this box. We want to see your businesses grow and flourish so come let’s talk”

The Chief Enterprise Business Officer, MTN, Lynda Saint-Nwafor, explained that the #ManintheBox campaign symbolized the organization’s unwavering dedication and desire to help support business growth and transformation using a wide range of world-class business solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology.

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She said most people are unaware of how MTN developed capabilities that enable them to serve large enterprises, small enterprises, and government body sector, adding that the organization is proffering solutions to enable them to grow their businesses.

Two men: Ibrahim Onimisi-Suleiman, and Abimbola Fredrick, were kept for about 90 hours in the box to achieve this aim, Saint-Nwafor said there were doctors, architects, civil engineers, and psychiatrists, who ensured that the guys were okay and comfortable.

She further noted that they have development capability, which will enable them to develop and deliver technology solutions to help businesses achieve their objectives.

“What we tend to achieve is to let them (SMEs) know that MTN is there to work with them, we do understand what kept businesses. We do understand that there are issues in running businesses especially for an organization like us, who have done business in the very difficult environment. We know challenges are there especially in our marketing tool for you to be able to drive growth, improve efficiency and drive productivity in your businesses. We are saying that please come let’s have the conversation.

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“We understand that business owners see technology as a distraction, many times with good reason. But we know that the right connectivity solution is a game changer and the foundation for future success, and so we would like to change that mindset, by making technology and digital transformation decisions easier and more personal.

“Our aim is to be a true partner for success, delivering high impact right-sized connectivity solutions. Helping you become more agile and efficient, expanding market access and making them more competitive. We do this by listening and consulting to gain a c

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