Cameron Diaz Recreates Iconic Hairstyle From ‘There’s Something About Mary’

Cameron Diaz Recreates Iconic Hairstyle From 'There's Something About Mary' has recreated her hairstyle from There’s Something About Mary and posted the video on her Instagram page.

The 1998 movie was the Farrelly brothers’ third film, following the failure of their bowling movie Kingpin in 1994. Their 1998 gross-out comedy was not just a major hit, but also their most successful film to date, outperforming their 1995 success Dumb and Dumber.

With There’s Something About Mary, the Farrelly brothers have proven that gross-out comedy has had its day. It is hard to imagine it will ever return to the level of success the sibling directors have seen with this movie.

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The author discusses the movie, There’s Something About Mary, in which Diaz took on a starring role. The film provides much nostalgia given its time period and genre. No other film with Diaz has been as well-received; it was a film of its time, providing a style of comedy that can no longer be successfully replicated. Perhaps this is why so many find nostalgic value in the recent post about recreating There’s Something About Mary hairstyles – it is not your typical fare. Along with the movie, the humor in it makes it endearing.

It’s been a while since the Farrelly brothers released anything memorable. Their movie Dumb and Dumber to didn’t do as well as people hoped, and There’s Something About Mary 2 is unlikely because that character hasn’t been in any other movies in over 15 years.


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