Review: Blood Sisters (Netflix Original Limited Series)

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What happens when a groom is killed on his own wedding day?

Review: Blood Sisters (Netflix Original Limited Series)
Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters is a Nigerian thriller series written by Craig Fredmound that premiered in the year 2022 and is streaming on Netflix

This movie tells the story of two best friends, Sarah and Kemi who became fugitives after murdering the groom.

They find themselves running from the law and the family of their victim.

Ini Dima Okojie and Nancy Isime as Sarah and Kemi respectively, find themselves trying to get away after killing Kola(Sarah’s abusive fiancee).

What could be more dramatic in a marriage ceremony than a mother of the groom who despises her would be in law, a recovering drug addict, a bride and a groom who may kill each other, and a hired assassin by the groom’s brother lurking around with the ‘strongest face’.

The show keeps moving along with the suspense of whether Sarah and Kemi will get away with killing the golden boy of a powerful family.

Delicate topics such as domestic violence and abuse come into play.

Industry veterans like Joke silva, Zack Orji, and Bimbo Manuel were also enlisted to play some characters. Sarah is the less confident of the two friends.

The strongest performances of the series are put on by Ramsey Noah, Kehinde Bankole, Ibrahim Suleiman, and Genoveva Umeh (Timeyin). Timeyin is the conflicted Adebayo daughter with a history of addiction. Kehinde Bankole takes a relaxed and subtle approach to villainy that works well in her role as Olayinka, the wife of Femi (Gabriel Afolayan), the eldest Adebayo son. And Ramsey Nouah (Uncle B), is more of a bodyguard in this series, but he commands a powerful presence in every scene he appears in. Ibrahim Suleiman(Kenny) plays the role of Sarah’s Ex who got killed while trying to help the ladies.

Review: Blood Sisters (Netflix Original Limited Series)
Blood Sisters

The story isn’t complete if we don’t talk about Wale Ojo (Inspector Joe), a police inspector with an inconsistent American accent, and the blackmailer photographer who was later killed because he has some incriminating photos of the ladies.

The chemistry between Nancy Isime and Ini Dima Okojie was astounding as they portrayed what a real friendship entails. Themes like friendship, the importance of family, class, and the quest for power were recurring in this series.





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