Military Responsible For Oil Theft In Nigeria – Asari Dokubo

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In a startling revelation, prominent Niger Delta leader Asari Dokubo has accused the Nigerian military of being the main perpetrators behind 99 percent of oil theft in the country.

Military Responsible For Oil Theft In Nigeria – Asari Dokubo
Following a private meeting with President Bola Tinubu in his office on Friday, Dokubo voiced his concerns and called for immediate action to curb this widespread issue.

During the meeting, Dokubo disclosed that President Tinubu had promised to thoroughly investigate allegations of large-scale oil bunkering orchestrated by notorious naval commanders who act as kingpins.

Furthermore, the President assured Dokubo that decisive measures would be taken to put an end to this shameful act.

Highlighting the existence of powerful cabals operating from Abuja, Dokubo vowed that these influential forces would face opposition, asserting that their reign was nearing its end.

He even expressed his willingness to deploy his own followers to assist in curbing the evil practices plaguing the Niger Delta region.

Dokubo vehemently contested the notion that ordinary Niger Delta citizens were responsible for oil theft, arguing that they lacked the resources and capabilities to execute such sophisticated criminal activities.

Instead, he asserted that these heinous acts had been orchestrated by individuals with considerable resources, stripping the Niger Delta people of their livelihoods and constituting a crime against humanity.

Accusing the military of engaging in blackmail, Dokubo alleged that they claimed to lack sufficient armaments to combat insecurity while simultaneously relinquishing their weapons to insurgents, thus exacerbating the ongoing insurgency crisis.

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