I Can Defeat Military Coup Leaders In Niger – Asari Dokubo

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Former militant leader Asari Dokubo has boldly asserted his readiness to lead a force capable of toppling the military junta currently ruling the Niger Republic.

I Can Defeat Military Coup Leaders In Niger - Asari Dokubo
Asari Dokubo

Dokubo confidently declared that he and his group possess the necessary manpower and strategy to overthrow the junta if officially commissioned by the Federal government.

Dokubo’s assertive statements were captured in a video clip that has been widely circulated across social media platforms. In the video, he confidently states, “If the government commissions me and my people to go to Niger Republic, we will go. We will defeat them and we will come back victorious. It is not a boast.”

He further elaborated, “If the Benin Republic likes, let them go and bring anybody, they are human beings like us. We will go there, defeat them and restore democratic order.”

Watch him speak below:

The video’s release comes at a critical juncture as negotiations and reconciliation efforts are underway between the military junta ruling the Niger Republic and African leaders.

Dokubo’s statements have generated mixed reactions, with some viewing his claims as potentially exacerbating the situation, while others see his offer as a reflection of regional concern for stability and democratic principles.

It is important to note that Asari Dokubo was a prominent figure in the Niger Delta militancy in Nigeria before his apparent shift toward political activism. His past affiliations and history have made him a controversial figure, and his recent statements add a new layer to the ongoing regional discussions about the stability and governance of the Niger Republic.

As the situation continues to develop, the international community, regional leaders, and concerned stakeholders will closely monitor the unfolding events and the potential impact of Asari Dokubo’s bold assertions on the diplomatic and political landscape in West Africa.

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