Mathew Mindler: Mom Explains How Actor Committed Su!cide

Family issues stern warning about what lead to his death

Mathew Mindler: Mom Explains How Actor Committed Su!cide
Matthew Mindler, 19 killed himself with Sodium Nitrite

killed himself with an easily accessible substance he picked up online and his mother wants everyone to know about the extreme danger of the compound.

According to the Lancaster County Medical Examiner‘s Office said the former child star’s cause of death was sodium nitrite toxicity. The M.E. confirmed the OD was intentional and as such his death was ruled a suicide.

For those that are scientifically oriented, sodium nitrite is an oxidizing agent, one often used to preserve foods, like meat, that causes hypotension and limits the flow of oxygen in the body, which can result in death.

Mathew Mindler: Mom Explains How Actor Committed Su!cide
Sodium Nitrite

While sodium nitrite deaths are often accidental, that is not the case with Matthew’s as his mom, Monica, says she discovered a harrowing trail he left behind.

Monica reveals she looked up Matt’s recent search histories, and it turns out he was looking up information on this lethal compound as it pertained to suicide, and ways to obtain it and take it for the ultimate effect of ending one’s life painlessly.

We’re told she had no clue this was something he’d been exploring prior to his body being found by school officials near his university in Pennsylvania but more importantly, she wants this to serve as a cautionary tale for others.

Mathew Mindler: Mom Explains How Actor Committed Su!cide
Matthew Mindler, kid actor

Monica hopes someone else’s life can be saved if folks know what warning signs to look for as this is a fairly cheap product Matthew seems to have ordered on with relative ease, at just $15, which Monica says was enough to kill 4 people.

In other words, awareness is everything, and she hopes Matthew’s story serves as a wake-up call.

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  1. D Hansen says

    It’s sodium nitrite not nitrate …… presume change was made to prevent copycat actions by others. Sad though.

    1. Wole Oduwole says

      Thanks for the correction. Updated!

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