MASSOB Hits Ciroma, Insists Biafra Is Unstoppable


MASSOB Hits Ciroma, Insists Biafra Is Unstoppable

Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has descended heavily on elder statesman, Alhaji Adamu Ciroma over his statement that if Biafra wants to go, that the people should be prepared for the consequences.

Reacting to the statement in a telephone interview, the leader of MASSOB, Solomon Chukwu while stating that it was unfortunate that a personality like Ciroma would make such statement, said his group would not be threatened, intimidated or be deterred by the utterances of people like Ciroma, in its quest to actualize the state of Biafra.

When Sunday Sun drew the attention of the MASSOB leader to what Ciroma said, he snapped back without hesitation, “Anybody can say whatever he likes, we are not threatened, we are not afraid and can not be deterred in our struggle, Biafra must come to pass and Alhaji Adamu Ciroma himself will witness it”.

Chukwu said there was no war greater than what MASSOB and Ndigbo in general are facing presently from the federal government and the Nigerian nation when hundreds of MASSOB members and thousands of Igbo are massacred at will.

“I want to let Adamu Ciroma and his likes know that no agitation for freedom by a people the world over, came without a price. We as MASSOB members have been paying that price and we will continue to pay until we get to the Promised Land”.

He said those who do not like to hear the name ‘ Biafra’ have gone and are still going extra miles to cast aspersions against it and her leaders but insisted that, that will not change the perception of the agitators and their set goal.

“Even in Ikwere land where I come from, many of my people were initially against me but today, they have realized the truth and moreover have seen the hand writing on the wall and their perception has totally changed”.

The MASSOB leader said 1, 000 Ciromas can not stop Biafra and that there is nothing his likes would do or say that will make MASSOB to carry arms. “We are using our brain not gun to agitate for Biafra, we will not go to war with anybody and we will get what we want. We engaged this line of action not out of fear as the likes of Ciroma may think, but out of the respect we have for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) we signed with the international community”.

Chukwu said as far as the struggle was concerned, that Ciroma was living in the past, having not been abrea$t with the extent the agitation had gone. “If he (Ciroma) knows the extent we’ve gone in actualizing Biafra, he would not have said that; but anyway, I think he is entitled to his opinion”. He insisted that Biafra is unstoppable.

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