Marine Bridge, Dopemu Road Will Be Shut For 3 months – Lagos State Govt

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It also announced plans to divert traffic on Dopemu Road in the Agege area of the state from 10 pm, on Friday, January 21, 2022, for the rehabilitation and upgrade of Babajide Sanwo-Olu Road for three months.

Marine Bridge, Dopemu Road Will Be Shut For 3 months - Lagos State Govt
Dr. Frederic Oladeinde,

A statement by the Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, stated that the partial closure on Marine Bridge was to allow the Federal Government to carry out routine maintenance works on the bridge infrastructure.

Oladeinde reaffirmed that alternative routes were in motorable condition and will not pose any difficulty to motorists, assuring also that LASTMA personnel will be at the diversion routes for efficient traffic management.

He, however, urged motorists to be patient as the measures taken are aimed at providing quality and safe road infrastructure for everyone.

One of such instances was when Osinbajo approached the Supreme Court over the illegal and unconstitutional withholding of funds belonging to the Lagos State Government in 2002.

“As Vice President, Osinbajo’s impacts were felt in the Niger Delta region. Most Nigerians recall that before 2016, insecurity in the oil-rich Niger-Delta region reached unprecedented dimensions leading to a significant reduction of the nation’s oil production in the span of just three months.”

The report also captured how Osinbajo was able to “solve seemingly complicated and endless bloodletting in the Niger Delta effortlessly through his ability to communicate clearly and solve problems. Osinbajo, in 2017, designed the Niger-Delta New Vision (NDNV) which brought about productive partnerships between oil-producing communities, the government and oil companies. In a region that accounts for over 80 per cent of Nigeria’s resources, achieving stability in the Niger-Delta had serious economic advantages for the nation’s revenues.”

It noted that having a message and knowing when and how to pass it can prove decisive in bringing about peace and development.

As Acting President, the report maintains that Osinbajo authorized a comprehensive construction of the insurgency-affected North-East in 2017. By then, policy analysts started calling for changes in the nation’s counter-insurgency measures. Some of the policy recommendations include development programmes. This was after the military option had shown little results. As part of reconstruction efforts in the North East, Osinbajo established the North-East Children’s Trust (NECT) to provide educational and extensive-care support to thousands of children orphaned by the Boko Haram insurgency in the region in 2017.

Also, Acting President Osinbajo’s order to the Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Air Staff to relocate to Maiduguri increased and sustained the tempo of the Army in its fight against insurgency in 2017. This increased tempo on the part of the Nigerian military provided psychological boosts for officers in the field and their morale to fight the dreaded insurgents.

“Professor Osinbajo has done so much with so little executive power. One cannot but wonder what he will do with the full executive power that the Office of the President would avail him. In this report, efforts were made to provide insights into the impacts of some of his policies during his time in government, first as Attorney General of Lagos State, then as Vice President and Acting President.”

The report by ITRL points out that Professor Yemi Osinbajo performed more as Attorney-General and Acting President but did more advocacy as Vice-President, owing to the constitutional restraints surrounding the office. It was identified that Professor Yemi Osinbajo has strong work ethic with unblemished integrity and character. Also, Osinbajo is youthful at heart and youth centred. The report shows that Osinbajo is committed to made-in-Nigeria goods and services. It was identified that Osinbajo is a pan-Nigerian, cosmopolitan leader with high emotional intelligence. He is a great orator and a peace-builder. All these and more are the reasons Osinbajo is tipped above all other candidates who are rumoured to be interested in the office of the President of Nigeria.

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