Man Threatens To Expose Daddy Freeze

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Drama on social media as a social media personality, known as Governor’s cousin threatens to expose Daddy Freeze.

Man Threatens To Expose Daddy Freeze
Governor’s cousin and Daddy Freeze


The brewing drama had started after Governor’s cousin released a video where he accused Dangote of not being generous enough and even blamed half of Nigeria’s problems on the billionaire. He also compared him to Allen Onyeama, CEO of Air Peace, who recently flew in hundreds of Nigerians from South Africa for free due to xenophobia and Daddy Freeze called him out for it.

Daddy Freeze expressed disappointment towards the clip,he said that Governor’s cousin and a lot of other Nigerians share such mentality. Freeze stated that the billionaire who has worked hard to build his enterprise owes the country and its citizens nothing. However, he is still one whose business venture has helped thousands of families across Nigeria stay comfortable.

Governor’s cousin had gotten annoyed with Daddy Freeze’s comment and shared a post on Instagram, where he threatened to expose Freeze and asked him to get ready.

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